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Ashlee [userpic]
Can I claim?
by Ashlee (vegetasbubble)
at September 10th, 2007 (04:29 pm)

Can I please claim:

Draco's Heart
Hermione's Personality
Draco's green boxer's
...cause we all know he has them.

brittany [userpic]
by brittany (lblossom_doll)
at August 5th, 2007 (01:23 pm)

current mood: happy

I would like to claim:

Remus 'Moony' Lupin's howl.

Mal [userpic]
by Mal (mal_feasant)
at August 4th, 2007 (06:57 pm)

current mood: bouncy

I claim:

Slytherin's Locket
Lily's almond-shaped green eyes
Voldemort's ability to speak Parseltongue

I wanted Lucius's pimp cane but someone beat me to it. :D

kendra [userpic]
by kendra (b4byd0ll)
at August 4th, 2007 (02:43 pm)
current song: bouncing off clouds ~ tori amos

i claaaim...

one: luna's weirdness.
two: ginny's sexiness.
three: grindelwald's soul.


Sweet Miss E [userpic]
Claims post
by Sweet Miss E (bergeronprocess)
at August 4th, 2007 (02:24 pm)
current song: Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are

The link to the claims post in the userinfo points nowhere :(

Sweet Miss E [userpic]
a bay bay
by Sweet Miss E (bergeronprocess)
at August 4th, 2007 (01:47 pm)
current song: Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay (Dirty)

Oh snap! 3 claims?

First of all, I gotta do this claim.
1. George's ability to turn his loss of an ear into a joke ("His Holeyness" indeed)

Now for two more.
2. The twins' undying sexiness
3. Luna's butterbeer cork necklace (It's a fashion statement!)

angluv [userpic]
by angluv (angluv)
at August 4th, 2007 (12:05 pm)

I would like to claim

Molly Weasley's mothering knowledge
Lily Potter's undieing fierce love of her child
Fred Weasley's ability of playing practical jokes

Thank you

iliana [userpic]
by iliana (rhaenys)
at August 4th, 2007 (11:51 am)

I wish to claim: Lucius Malfoy's hair, Hermione's intelligence, and Hermione's strength.
Please! :D

Christine [userpic]
by Christine (boumsong)
at August 4th, 2007 (03:05 pm)

Hi! I'd like to claim Bellatrix's Dark Mark, Bellatrix's manic laugh and Narcissa's hair please! :)

Oh, sigh.
by Bells. (restartmyheart)
at August 4th, 2007 (09:45 am)

I wish to claim Luna's raddish earrings, Tonks' hair, and Hermione's copy of Hogwarts, A History.

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